Calm down, not surrender, flow, don’t let yourself be dragged [27-09-2020]


Mahatma Ghandi said that “… in the face of injustices and adversities in life … Calm! …” , calm, not surrender, flow, do not let yourself be dragged. Finding inner harmony, finding the true wisdom of what has been lived, reinterpreting what has already been written, understanding adversity as part of the landscape.


In chaotic moments, in complicated days, in truly difficult existential stages, in the midst of the pressures of anxiety and stress, when we are unable to find the harmony that allows us to rise above those pressures of our environment … Calm down. !


When we inhabit an island of incessant noise, when our mind begs for calm but our brain is immersed in another discourse. When the demands of “should be” pile up on us and the “who I am” vanishes. When we just improvise while our emotions get out of control … Calm down!


I don’t know what the price of calm is, but I do know that it can take a few storms to find it. It is a very precious asset, it is convenient to keep it and make it our ally to find the balance and calm of our mind , of our resilient soul tanned in a thousand battles.


I love you, good morning everyone!

“Weather the storm on the island of tranquility to find inner peace.” Ana Monnar

I leave you in … “Calm” with Coque Malla. Have a happy and calm Sunday.


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