Horoscopes MAY 2022

A few days ago, at the spring equinox, the astrological calendar began again. This provides the signs of the zodiac for the month of Mayo.


Did being an entrepreneur work for you, Taurus? Although it is still early to reap the fruits of your effort, your desire and positive attitude are consolidating the hard work you have been doing these weeks. Don’t get out of focus, now is when you most need that concentration that sometimes costs you a bit to maintain. Positive things come in the family and surprises in the couple.

Horoscopes MAY 2022


You feel that sometimes you are more tired than usual. Remember, you have to spend those energies that we accumulated in the previous months and that cannot be wasted by leaving it there, without more. You have great creative and work potential that will allow you to develop those interesting projects that you have in mind. May is a new opportunity to carry them out. Are you going to let her pass?


This month is when the savings of the previous weeks will be necessary and no, not because negative situations or emergencies come into your life, but because you will be presented with investment opportunities that will make you take advantage of the money in an excellent way, while strengthening your financial situation. Do not miss the opportunity and take a risk, May comes with interesting offers.


You’re learning, Leo. Without a doubt, the influence of Mercury in the month that has just ended enhanced your learning capacity and made you mature at an accelerated pace. Although your nature is proud and impulsive, little by little you are mastering the art of temperance and that things do not affect you so much. Remember, nothing is personal unless you allow it.Horoscopes MAY 2022


Go ahead, Virgo. Take “the bull by the horns”. The influence of Pisces that demanded caution has been left behind and May comes with an open letter for you to take advantage of the opportunities and devour the world as you have wanted so much for a long time. Of course, now you will also have to save a little of what you earn for the times to come, because you will need it. As for the couple’s relationship, May lends itself to trying new things.


Aren’t you feeling a little better now? The balance that you had lost and that should naturally prevail in you is being restored: your health, your spirits and your desire are regaining the strength and levels to which you are accustomed. Nobody stops you because you know how to keep your balance and be fair in the problems that come your way. Although May will present you with some obstacles, they will be nothing for the temperate Libra.


Although sometimes it seems that things are going wrong, you more than anyone know that you have the strength and ability to overcome the obstacles that come your way. Almost there, Scorpio. Your efforts are almost beginning to yield the desired results in your economic life. Do not neglect your family, partner and friends and you will have the complete package. SAGITTARIUSHoroscopes MAY 2022

The stagnation is behind us and now the problem is that you don’t know where to move. Follow your instincts and you will see how quickly you are fulfilling your purposes. It’s good to plan, but May lends itself to you taking out a little of that impulsiveness that you keep and, fast and accurate as an arrow, you will reach the goal you long for.


Keep collecting, keep working hard, keep on the same path you’ve been traveling these months. Little by little you consolidate what you earn with the fruit of your work. May will bring much more activity and, therefore, more opportunities to continue sowing so that the difficult times do not affect you in a major way. By the way, don’t neglect those you love the most: sometimes your overwork can make them feel distant from you.


It’s a bit difficult for you to no longer be the center of attention of the stars for the coming weeks. Sometimes it seems that you enter a stagnation and that things do not go as you would like. Keep going, Aquarius, but this month you will need to redouble your efforts and truly focus on what interests you. The following weeks are crucial for you financially: you work hard and win or miss out on opportunities and, consequently, money.


You no longer have as much influence on the astral map, but you come with an impressive amount of energy that never seems to run out. You go with everything and you are being able to overcome the obstacles and pass the tests that life presents to you. May is the month of more work and consolidation of what you have earned so far this year. Don’t lose heart; these weeks very positive things are coming for you.


You are unstoppable, Aries. You have plenty of energy left and it seems that you are not exhausted and we talked about the reasons last month . Your projects are going from strength to strength and as long as your decision doesn’t wane, neither will your ability to take on the world. You are a fearless sign by nature, so you will know how to overcome the few obstacles that will come your way this month. Keep going.

Horoscopes MAY 2022