Let’s cross to the sunny side of the street [12-10-2020]


It’s okay to look inward, it may be necessary. It is like discovering ourselves reflected in the magic mirror that reveals mistakes and successes, strengths and weaknesses, lights and darkness. But since all good wine that is taken in moderation cannot be the cause of any harm, we must also balance our gaze , lest we become blind from looking inward and stop appreciating the beauty that surrounds us as it deserves.


Once you have lost the fear of immersing yourself, of discovering yourself, of observing yourself, of accepting yourself. Once you understand that it is not necessary to rationalize everything, that it is not necessary to interpret all emotions, but just listen to them, feel them. Once freed from the trials and having assumed that not everything has an explanation, it is convenient to emerge from our deep waters, remembering that what is outside is also very valuable to us. Being aware that both worlds are important, that we can be observers of reality and of ourselves.


That is why after a swim in the inland sea, my “non-medical prescription” is a sunbath. Of that wonderful star that warmly caresses our body but also our soul. That in addition to giving us its light in our walk, encourages our good humor, helps us to overcome our fears, recharges us energetically by feeding our inner sun, helps us to photosynthesize the beauty that we find enveloping our steps.


It does not matter if looking at the sky we discover the majestic Sun or it is only glimpsed behind the black clouds that try to hide it. No matter his years, or the days that storms cover him, he never stops shining, he is always there. Even when it seems that all is lost, a ray of sunlight always appears, whether it is within us, in the people who love us, in whom we love or on the horizon that awaits us. It may sometimes dazzle us when we look at it and not allow us to see beyond , but that is just to remind us that the future is not yet written, to remind us that we are the true architects of everything that is to come, that feeling its warmth in our faces the shadows will be left behind.


Come on, let’s cross to the sunny side of the street !!!


Good morning everyone !!!

“… I am a light man, with so much pink,

so clearly meant

that I will die of glare … “,

Fragment of “El Sol”, Pablo Neruda

Well I said … let’s cross the sunny side of the street with the swing-jazz classic “On The Sunny Side Of The Street” … sung by one of the iconic jazz voices, Keely Smith, in one of its many versions … come on, the fresh dawn portends … SUN ..


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