Without complexes or prejudices, I observe that everything can be learned [03-10-2020]


In the inner journey that I have undertaken in search of peace , balance, spiritual well-being, I drink from many sources. Without complexes or prejudices, I observe that everything can be learned. From experiences and experiences, from sounds and silence, from others and oneself, from movement and stillness, from closed eyes that show us the way to know who we really are and from open eyes that show us the beauty of the universe that we inhabit, of the philosophical texts of the great sages and of the religious texts of the various beliefs.


However, even pretending to be a single verse , if I had to embrace any religion it would be Buddhism.


Perhaps because it seems more like a philosophy of life than a religion, perhaps because of its simplicity full of wisdom, probably because few ancestral practices have generated so many transformations and such positive changes of consciousness, possibly because Siddhàrtha Gautama was the first great diffuser of mindfulness.


For me Buddhism , if I had to reduce it to a minimum, is benevolence and compassion. It is peace, love and present. It is gratitude, it is forgiveness and liberation.


It tells a story about the Buddha, that among his cousins, there was the evil Desvadatta, always jealous of the teacher and determined to discredit him and even willing to kill him. One day when the Buddha was walking calmly, Desvadatta, in his wake, threw a heavy rock at him from the top of a hill, with the intention of ending his life. However, the rock only fell next to the Buddha and Desvadatta was unable to achieve her goal. The Buddha realized what had happened and remained impassive, without losing the smile on his lips. Days later, the Buddha crossed paths with his cousin and greeted him warmly. Very surprised, Desdavatta asked:


“Aren’t you angry, sir?”


-Of course not.


Without leaving his astonishment, he inquired:




And the Buddha said:


-Because neither you are the one who threw the rock, nor am I the one who was there when it was thrown at me.

There really is nothing that we cannot forgive.


Good morning everyone !!!

“Forgiveness falls like a gentle rain from heaven to earth. It is twice blessed; it blesses the giver and the recipient.”

Well, apologizing in case sometimes the “pot” goes away, I leave you with John Lennon … hit play … “Mind Games” … love is the answer … I love you !!!


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