10 keys to maintaining romance in marriage

We have all identified with the typical Hollywood love stories with the couple who love each other intensely and who overcome all kinds of difficulties, to end up happily married forever. But unlike movies where couples sit by the fireplace with their children and the dog, being romantic in real life is often a bit more difficult. That is why here we leave you 10 keys to maintain romance in your marriage.


Perhaps the most important point in maintaining a happy marriage is communication. It is crucial that the couple is able to express their emotions, fears, opinions and thoughts, because only in this way will they understand each other. No conflict can be resolved if we do not communicate it to our partner, who, in addition to understanding, will be able to provide us with their support.


Just as difficulties and obstacles are better dealt with together, joys and achievements are also more enjoyable when you have your partner by your side . A marriage that works as a team is a satisfied and solid marriage, which has a positive influence on maintaining romance and stability in the couple relationship.

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Undoubtedly, respect is one of the fundamental pillars of any type of relationship, whether in friendships, with family, at work and of course, in marriage. Respecting your partner implies recognizing common ground, accepting differences and above all establishing limits. Romance must necessarily be accompanied by respect, because in this the couple will find the necessary security and freedom to be themselves. Behind every happy marriage is a self-respecting couple.


“When hunger comes through the door, love comes out the window.” Although it is a crude saying, it is very true. This does not imply at all that only rich couples can be happy, but maintaining a good financial balance and being able to meet the basic needs of the home are undoubtedly an important key to maintaining a happy relationship. After all, how do you maintain passion and desire when you are arguing over money?


Whether you and your partner have children or not, the composition and size of the family is an issue that should be brought to the table. Many couples find themselves in awkward fights because they can’t agree on what they want their future to look like. Do you want to travel the world alone or do you prefer to spend Sundays in the park with the children? Resolving these questions will give greater stability to the marriage.


Yes, we know that work is important, after all, it provides the economic stability that we have talked about. But putting work before your marriage can backfire. The secret is to find a balance between the time dedicated to work and that dedicated to the family and, especially, to the couple. Find some time for yourselves and you will see how the romance not only remains, it grows stronger.


Who does not like a bouquet of flowers, a romantic dinner, or just a night walk with the person they love? Although it may seem a cliché, the reality is that details are important to achieve success in the couple and fan the flame of love. Every now and then plan a romantic date, or buy her an unexpected gift. You will see that your partner will know how to thank you.

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We know that during infatuation we can find in the other what appears to be a perfect person, but in the long run we realize that this is not real. Perfection does not exist and less in people. Accepting that who we share our life with may have as many defects as we do, will help us to be more empathetic and to appreciate even more what we love about that person.


Although we are used to seeing couples as a fusion of two personalities, the truth is that preserving our individuality is vital to maintaining happiness in marriage. Just as it is important to make time for both of us, to work as a team and to have goals together, it is also important not to lose sight of the fact that we are individuals with our own needs and that we need to dedicate time to ourselves. Only if we feel good about ourselves can we be good with our partner.


The tips or keys that we list to maintain romance and have a happy marriage do not matter. If we don’t want to do it, it just won’t happen. Having the will does not only mean wanting something, it implies committing yourself and taking the necessary actions to achieve it. So if what interests you is to strengthen your relationship and keep the flame of love burning, get down to work and you will see how ideas begin to take shape and become realities.