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Selecting the Right Divorce Lawyer. Goldberg Jones` philosophy is to provide our clients with a pragmatic approach that addresses their concerns and explains their options and the likely outcome of their strategy. Our Portland family law attorneys draw from years of experience practicing in family law when developing appropriately aggressive strategies to protect their client`s rights. Each county in Oregon operates a little differently when handling a divorce for men. It is imperative that the attorney you choose is well versed in the laws and proceedings of your State and County. Our Portland divorce lawyers provide legal representation and oversight for husbands and fathers in Clark County and the greater Portland, Oregon area. We are experienced, accomplished, compassionate attorneys and are able to handle the most complex and involved cases. Our lawyers work hard to ensure a father`s rights are addressed and that financial issues are resolved fairly and equitably. Even a seemingly simple uncontested divorce requires detailed documentation, court filing, and arrangements for child custody and child support. Often divorces can start out amicably but become highly contested and complex when it comes to the division of assets and debts or in reaching an agreement about child custody and support. High Asset cases are often complicated due to the issues like business ownership, stock options, investments, property, inheritance and retirement accounts. Child Custody, as you can imagine, is often the most contested of issues, and fathers are most in need of quality representation.