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Our lives were changed forever by the same challenge one of every three Americans faces`how can someone provide the greatest chance for hope and recovery for a friend or family member struggling with substance abuse. With the urgency that a person`s life could be dependent on what you choose to do, people facing such a reality are expected to become instant experts in helping their loved ones to overcome substance abuse. While we were striving to help a family friend, we tried all of the traditional approaches, but even so our friend passed away during a relapse. As we reflected on our efforts, we realized that thousands of families were dealing with the same challenge every day and that we have been blessed with time and treasure to enable us to help others in their search for hope. For 20 years we`ve been part of industry-changing healthcare companies that we founded including one of the first electronic medical record systems in the US to go public on NASDAQ and a company, now a division of United Healthcare, that automated Medicare Part A to guard against fraud and abuse for more than 1,000 of the largest hospitals in America. Our innovative work in healthcare taught us that with hard work and innovation the inefficiencies and shortcomings of healthcare in America can be overcome. St. Gregory Retreat Centers was founded to combine the most recent research and state-of-the art substance abuse care available into a single, integrated program. With unmatched results, we continue to work to offer the best possible chance for recovery and to provide hope that your efforts to help a family member, friend, or even yourself can succeed. Our message to you is that there is 100% Hope! Call a counselor at St Gregory today