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As an intimate rehab, Elevation Behavioral Health provides our clients with specialized treatment to better meet their needs. Through the utilization of behavioral health, holistic and evidenced-based therapies, we are a premier mental health and dual diagnosis treatment center. Located in the heart of a beautiful canyon close to the spectacular beaches of Malibu, our breathtaking facility offers a comfortable, serene setting in which to begin the recovery journey. Clients are able to breathe fresh air while relaxing on our covered patio and enjoying a 360-degree view of misty, green mountains while recovering at Elevation Malibu Rehab. Elevation Behavioral Health is one of the few residential treatment facilities that focuses on assessing and effectively treating primary mental health conditions in conjunction with detoxification and addiction interventions. We are proud to offer a robust clinical program that provides the most individual therapy sessions in the industry and while respecting and honoring each client`s journey. Recovery isn`t just about reaching sobriety-it is about healing the mind, body and soul. Our wellness programs provide nutritional and exercise regimens that clients can carry with them throughout their recovery journey. This inclusion of holistic care allows clients to fully connect with their inner selves, release pent-up emotions and live longer, healthier lives. Each person has a unique story to tell, and we`re here to listen. We customize each client`s treatment around their personal needs-addressing their weaknesses, building on their strengths and helping them create healthier versions of themselves.