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Due to the growing uncertainties caused by our current economic crisis, together with widespread concern for our national security, US immigration law has become increasingly more complex. Now more than ever, applicants for US immigration benefits cannot take chances with a poorly prepared, less than perfect petition. USCIS, the Department of State and the US Department of Labor have all become much more stringent about the proper forms of evidence to establish eligibility and are much more likely to anchor denial of cases on a mere technicality. Finding the right immigration attorney is crucial to a successful outcome. With over 1000 cases filed, The Law Office of Julia Lamanna takes great pride in its standing as having one of the highest initial application approval rates in the industry. We are a distinguished immigration law firm headquartered in the New York City area that represents individual, institutional, and business clients across the United States and in several foreign countries. By focusing specifically on immigration law, our office provides superb professional services to clients by implementing solutions for all of their immigration needs. The Law Office of Julia Lamanna is further committed to providing personalized and quality representation in an efficient and cost effective manner. Because of our emphasis on the attorney/client relationship, we are able to provide exceptional services; continually updating our clients and making certain that they are fully informed of the progress of their case at all times. We look forward to the possibility of serving you and helping you achieve your personal and professional goals.