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At Chodorow Law Offices, we help businesses, investors, families, and other clients with U.S. and China visa, permanent residence, and citizenship matters. I am also co-chair of the American Chamber of Commerce-China visa committee and adjunct professor at Chicago-Kent College of Law. I received my J.D. from University of California at Berkeley (1993). Feel free to subscribe to our U.S. & China Visa Law Blog and learn more about our services. At a time of dramatic changes to U.S. immigration laws, Chodorow Law Offices has established a reputation for exceptional skills in counseling clients and advocating on their behalf. We represent businesses, investors, families, and others in nearly every kind of immigration case, including but not limited to: All nonimmigrant (temporary) visa classifications, such as B1/B2 (visitor for business or pleasure), F-1 (student), H-1B (temporary worker), H-3 (trainee), K-1 (fiancee), L-1 (intracompany transferee), O-1 (extraordinary ability) All immigrant visa (green card) classifications, such as EB-1(1) extraordinary ability, EB-1(2) outstanding researchers and professors, EB-1(3) multinational executives and managers, EB-2 (advanced degree or exceptional ability, including national interest waviers), EB-5 (investors), and family-sponsored visas. Waivers of the grounds of inadmissibility. Advising permanent residents regarding I-751s, reentry permits, and maintaining or abandoning their status Naturalization and citizenship.