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At the law offices of Philip Eichorn, we represent clients in a variety of immigration-related matters. Immigration law is a complex “legal specialty of its own.” It is a “labyrinth that only a lawyer can navigate” and is “second only to the Internal Revenue Code in complexity.” Choosing an intelligent, experienced and determined immigration attorney to protect you and your interests throughout your family’s case is the wise choice. Our practice is focused primarily on immigration law and the immigration consequences of criminal matters (“crimmigration”). Our clients benefit from our specialized knowledge of this complicated field. Our top priority is to provide you with high-quality legal work and superior client service. Great legal work is driven by both academic and real-world experience as well as tireless preparation. Our ability to provide outstanding service is facilitated by our accessibility and understanding of our clients` needs and concerns. Global U.S. Immigration Legal Services: We represent people seeking: Permanent resident status (green cards) for themselves or their family members; Naturalization or citizenship; Visas for family and fiancées abroad; Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers or other waivers; Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA); and All other immigration-related statuses and benefits.