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205 North 400 West Salt Lake City , Utah UT 84103, US
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The Disability Law Center (DLC) is a private, non-profit organization designated by the governor as Utah’s Protection and Advocacy (P&A) agency. Our mission is to enforce and strengthen laws that protect the opportunities, choices and legal rights of Utahns with disabilities. Advocating on Your Behalf. The Disability Law Center provides services to individuals with a broad range of disabilities, including: Developmental disabilities. Physical disabilities. Mental illnesses. Emotional impairments. Learning disabilities. Traumatic brain injuries. Intellectual disabilities. Sensory disabilities. Chronic health conditions. Due to limited staff and financial resources, the scope of the DLC’s work is limited to specific service priorities. A comprehensive priority setting process helps us determine which issues and groups have the greatest need – so that our resources can be put to the best use.