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26 Broadway, 21st Floor New York , NY 10004
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What makes our law office tick? We think you’ll find Fazzio Law is not your average law firm. We are here to serve you and to help you get your life back on track. Fazzio Law Offices is a different kind of law firm. We believe that everyone deserves as many second chances as they need and that we all need a helping hand through the storms of life. We believe in getting results, and while no lawyer can guarantee victory, we like to say that we “specialize in the impossible.” The most rewarding experience the members of a law firm can have is to take on a challenging case, meeting a client at their worst possible moment, give them hope, pull them from the wreckage, advocate for their cause, achieve victory and see them through to better days. Everyone on our team has a combination of advanced financial training combined with litigation and advocacy skills. There are accountants and foreclosure/tax/bankruptcy attorneys out there who know their craft, but they are merely technicians. At Fazzio Law Offices, we are advocates in everything that we do. We will do the technical work as well as anyone, but the value we bring to the table is our ability to go after the results that are important to you with passion, diplomacy and aplomb.