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P.H. Acker & Associates is law firm dedicated to ensuring that the United States remains a country where people of all cultures, backgrounds, and languages can thrive in peace and prosperity. Our primary focus is on immigration law and ensuring that people coming to this country or remaining here are not snared in the complex trap that immigration laws have become. To say that immigration laws are complicated is an understatement. Often foreigners in the United States have no idea about the fragility of their status, their rights as immigrants and visa-holders, or the immigration options available to them. Our purpose is to ensure you know the rights and options available to you and have the expertise available to choose your destiny in this great country. Likewise, Americans often wonder about their options abroad under foreign immigration laws and international law. (How can I travel abroad? How long can I stay? How can I take my ideas global?). P.H. Acker & Associates can also be your go-to representative to help your international aspirations become fruitful and remain secure. To achieve these goals, we represent our clients vigorously, ethically, and caringly. We are here for the long haul to help guide you through all your immigration and international law questions and concerns.