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4601 Hartford Street Abilene , Texas TX 79605, US
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On a daily basis, our staff works together as an integrated team to provide a wide array of services including outpatient physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, audiology, orthotics, prosthetics, and hospice care. Though it is certainly possible to find programs in West Texas which provide some of the services offered at West Texas Rehab, no other providers offer the full complement of outpatient rehabilitation treatment services available at West Texas Rehabilitation Center. Additionally, some programs which are similar to West Texas Rehab`s do not have the state or national certifications awarded to Rehab for its program excellence. Finally, West Texas Rehab’s philosophy of providing quality care regardless of the patient’s financial status distinguishes it from other providers of outpatient rehabilitation care. West Texas Rehabilitation Center does not impose geographic limits on its services. Each year, West Texas Rehab serves over 650 patients per day. The majority of those come into our Abilene, San Angelo, and Ozona facilities; However, many others benefit from outreach programs through which our treatment staff travel throughout the Concho Valley and Big Country.