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Raquel E. Hecht has been an Immigration Lawyer in the State of Oregon since 1993. She is the founding partner of the law firm of Hecht & Norman, LLP with offices in Eugene, Salem, Medford and Bend. She is an active member of Rotary. Her current and past activities include: adjunct professor of immigration law at the University of Oregon School of Law, frequent lecturer of immigration law, past vice-president of the Lane Arts Council, past board member of the Eugene Research Institute, past Rotary Board member and Chair of the International Youth Exchange Committee, and member of the International Friendship Exchange Committee for the District, past member of the Education and Outreach Committee of the Human Rights Commission, and past member of the Nutrition and Education Committee of the 4J School District. Hecht & Norman is the largest Immigration Law partnership in Oregon. We know how to provide quality service to our clients, no matter what your background or level of education. We treat each and every person with respect and we care about immigrants and their families. We work for you until we get results. This is how we do business and how we have created our reputation throughout the country and abroad for top quality and efficiency.