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Hello… and congratulations on taking the first step toward transforming yourself. A good therapist will listen, encourage, motivate, challenge, and inspire. A good therapist will walk with you through the tough things you are grappling with inside. I create an insightful, empathetic and non-judgemental therapeutic experience for you to explore your concerns and issues while respecting your values, lifestyle, and spiritual beliefs. With some dedication and effort on your part, you can really change your life. At times in our lives we are walking a pathway full of challenges, traumas, death, and grief… and life certainly doesn`t operate on fairness. If it is time for you to get professional psychological help, don`t hesitate. The most difficult step in therapy or psychological testing is making the call and going to the first appointment. I provide therapy and psychological testing services that are designed to help free you from being stuck in depression, entangled in anxiety, or lost without insight. I can provide you with services that you need to generate psychological health, spiritual vigor, and the tools to manage the challenges that will come your way in the future. Whether you call me or someone else, I hope you will reach out for professional help so you can transform your life. I am a licensed psychologist in private practice. In addition to being a psychologist I have been a nationally best-selling relationship author of 4 books from Doubleday. Prior to becoming a psychologist I’ve had a rich and exciting life. My background includes having been an entrepreneur, psychology professor, and a police officer. At times I can be seen providing insights for CNN and the Fox News Channel.