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Mantente sano y en forma durante el COVID

Mantenerse sano y en forma ya no es tan fácil como lo era antes de la pandemia del COVID-19. La mayoría de los gimnasios se encuentran cerrados, y hacer ejercicio con personas desconocidas no es la mejor manera de cuidarse. Por lo tanto, es natural preguntarse: ¿cómo puedo mantenerme en forma durante la pandemia?

Staying fit and healthy COVID-19 pandemic

Afortunadamente, existen muchas cosas que puedes hacer sin tener que salir de casa o interactuar con extraños para mantenerte saludable y en forma. Aunque tal vez no se parezcan mucho a tus rutinas de ejercicio habituales, siguen siendo una muy buena forma de activar tu cuerpo y liberar las endorfinas que necesitas.

Realizar ejercicio de manera regular puede aumentar tus niveles de endorfina, la cual es necesaria para reducir el estrés y a la vez fortalecer el sistema inmunológico. Y, honestamente, ¿quién no quisiera tener un sistema inmune fuerte en medio de una pandemia mundial?

Habiendo dejado eso en claro, veamos cuáles son las 6 maneras principales para mantenerse en forma sin salir de casa durante la pandemia de COVID-19. Después de eso, hablaremos de algunas otras cosas que puedes hacer para mejorar tu salud mientras estás en casa.

6 ejercicios que puedes hacer durante la pandemia de COVID – Click aquí


The Donnerberg Massager

Best Donnergerg Massager for neck and shoulders

The Donnerberg massager (neck and shoulder) arrived in the mail today. I am very excited to have received it as I have waited a long time to be able to use it.

When I opened the box, I found the massager ready to use, as well as a user manual in different languages, two different colored replacement covers, the regular charger and even a car charger, so you can use it in your vehicle. Also includes a soft fabric cover for sensitive skin.

It’s ready to go right out of the box – all I had to do was plug it into the electrical outlet and hit the power button, and my deep tissue massager was ready to do its job.

How does the Donnerberg neck and shoulder massager work?

The way it works for your neck and shoulders, for example, is that you cover your shoulders with the device and tuck your arms inside the sleeves. You can then use your arms to pull on the sleeves and add extra pressure to the massage. To turn it on, you press the power button which is conveniently located on the left sleeve. As a clarification, once you press the power button the massager will work for fifteen minutes. If you want to continue the massage after that time, just press the same button again.

I tried my neck and shoulders first. Have you ever been to Thailand and had a massage there? Thai women have fingers of steel that reach just those knots in the muscles that you have accumulated over the years. Well, the Donnerberg massager is exactly like that. Attack your muscles like a Thai woman seeking revenge. In fact, the massager is based on the principles of Shiatsu massage. Helps the body recover. It is a great complement to other types of treatment if you have injuries.

Features of the Donnerberg Neck and Shoulder Massager

The speed of the massage can be varied. You can put, for example, either speed one, two or three, depending on whether you want a slow and deep massage or a fast one.

And that’s not all with the massager. It has an infrared energy application. It activates automatically when you use the machine, but it also has a button to increase the heat level. It feels so good to get a warm massage on tired muscles. I think this is my favorite feature and it’s one that you don’t get with a conventional Thai massage.

There is one more function that you can apply from the sleeve control. It’s all about the vibration function. It only has one level of intensity, but it is more than enough. The vibration will last for five seconds, stop for two, and then appear again. It feels great!

Where to use the Donnerberg Neck and Shoulder Massager

The photo on the box shows someone using the Donnerberg massager as a warm neck and shoulder massager, but you can use it almost anywhere.

I find it ideal for the lower back area and boy have I found stiff muscles that I didn’t even know I had. It is an excellent massage machine for lower back pain. To use it in that area, I sat on the couch and put the device around me with the massage wheels on my lower back. After turning it on I leaned back to increase the pressure on my back. It feels very good. It is a luxury. When you have had enough in one area, you can slide it up a few inches to the next area. It is a very effective back massage machine.

It is also effective in other parts of the body. You can use the Donnerberg massager on your legs. It is perfect for the thighs and even for the knees. I used it on my right knee that had had a running injury for some time. A torn tendon. The massager was a bit painful, but that’s because it was working directly on the bone, for example the kneecap, so it was a bit uncomfortable. Either way, it helped my knee and that’s what counts!

Reflexology is very good for your feet and the Donnerberg is a good foot massage machine. And although the massager does not have the anatomical knowledge that your reflexologist will have, it still does a good job of finding the sore spots and massaging them. You can also wear it on your arms. Simply place the massager on the arm of a sofa or table and place your arm on it.

It doesn’t matter which part of your body you use it on, it works on any of them. The important thing to remember is that the Donnerberg massager should feel pleasant and relaxing all the time. If the pressure is really painful or uncomfortable, you should change it. Based on what I experienced, it may be a bit painful, but it still gives a great result. After all, Thai women kill you when their fingers bury you, but then you feel amazing for a long time.

  When to watch out for the Donnerberg neck and shoulder massager

Are there any restrictions on the use of the massager? Well, children under the age of eight need to be supervised. Pregnant women should check with their doctor before using it (although I think it would greatly highlight back pain in pregnant women). Outside of that it is common sense: do not use it on open wounds, be careful if you have any chronic condition, as the massager could make it worse. And if you experience severe pain at any time, see your GP.

Conclusions for the Donnerberg Neck and Shoulder Massager

So in conclusion, the Donnerberg massager is a great alternative to going to your local masseuse every week. It is a great massage machine for lower back pain and neck and shoulder massage. You can use it anytime you want, apply as much pressure as you want, for as long as you want. For example, you can have a relaxing massage while watching your favorite TV show. It has interchangeable covers, so you can keep it clean. Thanks to the integrated closure, the covers can be easily and quickly removed and washed in the washing machine.

The Donnerberg massager will help reduce stress, contribute to overall health and well-being, help relax tight muscles, and promote blood circulation to damaged tissue. It is recommended by the German Olympic Sports Federation and that means something. And, of course, it is not expensive at all. If you want to take a look, click on the link below. And before we finish, just so you know, I have negotiated a 10% discount for the first ten people who order one, simply using the code HAPPY10 . And if you buy the equivalent or more to the amount of 100 Euros, use the code FELIZ20 to receive a free pillow.

Good luck

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Best Donnergerg Massager for neck and shoulders