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The Law Office of Samira Recob provides employers with expert advice on immigration law. As a globalized work force brings more foreign laborers to America, companies need advice on issues related to visas and other immigration matters for valuable skilled employees. Denver Immigration Attorney Samira Recob`s practice focuses exclusively on immigration matters, and Recob has helped a variety of clients navigate the complicated immigration system, including large corporations, start-ups, non-profits and small businesses. Recob has experience in working with various industries, including health care, education, architecture, information technology and more, which is important as some immigration rules are industry-specific. Recob`s firm can provide assistance with a number of client needs, including non-immigrant H-1B and L-1 visas for skilled workers and managers, petitions for visas, H-3 training visas, religious worker visas, NAFTA-related visas, extraordinary ability visas and other work-related visas. As immigration law often pertains to families, it is often important to find a family immigration attorney. Denver area clients can count on the Law Office of Samira Recob to fight for them as they seek to reunite families separated by distance and immigration status. The firm can help clients with K-1 fiance visa petitions, I-130 marriage petitions and much more. Although Recob is a Colorado immigration lawyer, the firm has clients around the world. Workers seeking a PERM labor certification will find a forceful advocate in Recob, who has considerable experience in this area of immigration law. If you`re looking for a forceful advocate well-versed in immigration law and not afraid to take on the complicated U.S. immigration system, consider Denver Immigration Attorney Samira Recob.