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A Divorce is much more than just the end of your marriage. The issues addressed in your divorce will change the rest of your life and impact everyone you care about. In a divorce you will have many questions you want answers to. Questions such as, do I have to move out, how does the court determine custody , and how do we divide our assets and debts? Your divorce requires careful preparation and a man can benefit greatly from the guidance of a divorce attorney well versed in California State divorce laws. Even the simplest Uncontested Divorce will still require a court filing, a division of assets and debts and a detailed documenting of all child custody and child support arrangements. Many divorces bring very complex or highly contested issues. High Asset Divorces often entail business ownership, stock options, investments, property, inheritance and retirement accounts. Child Custody, as you can imagine, is often the most contested of issues, and fathers are most in need of quality representation. Goldberg Jones` practice is focused primarily on divorce for men. Our San Diego divorce attorneys skillfully lead husbands and fathers through the challenges of California State divorce laws. At Goldberg Jones, we believe the best divorce attorneys provide their client with sound unemotional guidance based upon years of experience and appropriately aggressive representation. Divorces for men can vary greatly in each county. It is imperative that the divorce attorney you choose is well versed in the divorce laws and proceedings of your State and County. Our divorce attorneys provide legal representation and oversight for husbands and fathers throughout San Diego County.