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1393 East Alton Gloor Blvd, Suite 12 Brownsville, Texas TX 78526, US
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Reynald G. Garza III has practiced law as a criminal defense attorney in Brownsville, Texas for over fifteen years. Working in this particular area of the law in Brownsville, Texas has meant handling various kinds of demands that are unique to this area. The city of Brownsville is located next to the border of Mexico and many of the people accused of committing crimes in this area are citizens of Mexico and citizens or residents of the United States. In addition to such a close location to an international border, Brownsville is located in the same county as the very popular resort community of South Padre Island, which is recognized as a popular destination for students during spring breaks. It has not been unusual at all for Trey to make court appearances on the same day for both foreign visitors who speak no English and visitors to South Padre Island who speak no Spanish. A large portion of Trey`s law practice involves family law litigation. A family law attorney in Brownsville Texas is often confronted with a wide variety of different issues including divorce, child custody, child support, modification of visitation, and adoptions.