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De Castroverde Law Group. Las Vegas Attorneys Counsel for Criminal, Personal Injury & Immigration Cases. Our criminal defense lawyers at De Castroverde Law Group are dedicated to providing the community with aggressive and effective representation against all types of criminal charges. Facing serious criminal accusations is frightening and frustrating, and you should have all the facts before making any decisions about your criminal defense case. We are experienced in defending our clients’ rights and interests against all types of criminal charges, and can fight for you as well. Our firm has successfully represented countless clients in all types of misdemeanor and felony cases, and we have the skills your defense needs. Some of the criminal cases we handle at De Castroverde Law Group include: DUI. Theft. Indecent Exposure. Date Rape. Assault. Weapons Charges. I.D. Theft. Drug Offenses. Prostitution and Solicitation. Disorderly Conduct. Domestic Violence. Resisting Arrest. Juvenile Crimes. Hit and Run.