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What sets The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers apart is that we engage orthopedic surgeons, highly specialized doctors, and a host of other specialists and therapists to help provide the absolute best possible care to our patients. The wealth of knowledge we are able to draw upon with our more than 50 years of combined medical experience helps us provide the exact kind of care needed for a variety of situations. We are able to actively help manage, treat, and prevent back, neck and other common musculoskeletal injuries through the use of advanced chiropractic techniques and chiropractic adjustments. Our goal is twofold: to help manage and treat care and also to help educate our patients so that future injuries can be prevented. Hard work and devotion are cornerstones of our ethos, and we strive to always provide the highest level of customer service, because here at The Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Centers our patients always come first. Due to our extensive experience providing chiropractic services in Houston, Sugar Land, and The Woodlands, we are well versed to help you today. We help with conditions including: Arthritis treatment. Back pain relief. Bursitis/tendonitis. Carpal tunnel and arthritis treatments. Cervical decompression. Degenerative disc disease. Facet syndrome. Fibromyalgia. Headaches, migraine treatments & TMJ disorders. Herniated disc treatment. Inflammation treatment. Leg pain treatment. Liotibial band syndrome. Lumbar decompression. Migraine treatment. Muscle spasms, sprains and strained muscles. Neck, back and joint pain relief. Neuropathy treatment (burning & tingling sensations). Piriformis syndrome. Plantar fascia pain. Post-surgical. Sciatica treatment. Scoliosis. Spondylolisthesis. Stenosis treatment. Whiplash treatment.