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Immigration Lawyers in New York City. NYC immigration lawyer Tsirina Goroshit is rated by firm`s clients as a top US immigration attorney based on numerous successful US immigration cases. The founder of the Law Offices of Tsirina Goroshit & Associates, Ms. Tsirina Goroshit is an experienced New York Immigration Lawyer. She is New York City based, US immigration lawyer that truly cares for her clients and their families and always finds solution for the problems related with immigration to the USA. Our New York immigration lawyers helped many immigrants in New York City and all over the United States lawfully to become US permanent residents and US citizens. Due to the hard work of our New York immigration attorneys, many people were saved from deportation from the USA, gained protection from abuse, prosecution, obtained lawful US nonimmigrant and immigrant visas and became US citizens. Don`t be afraid to step out of immigration darkness, let an effective US immigration lawyer in NYC to protect your immigration rights. Call our New York immigration lawyers today for a full evaluation of your case.