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The law office of Mitch Greene was established in 1999. Previous to the opening of the office, Mr. Greene worked as an associate at another law office since 1990. This office is a small firm handling only traffic infractions. In this way, we feel we can streamline our representation strictly to traffic infractions and not be distracted by other types of cases. Our office tries to minimize our client`s exposure to the possible effects of a traffic infraction. Our goal is to keep the ticket off of our client`s records by various means so they won`t be adversely impacted by their insurance company or the Department of Licensing. Our office is eager to assist you with your traffic infraction. Please contact our office early so that we can assist you. Please visit our “Ticket Packet” section for more information on how to proceed. Mr. Greene. Mr. Greene has been handling traffic matters professionally since 1990, and has been to the majority of Courts in Western Washington to defend his clients.