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808 5th Ave N Seattle, Washington WA 98109, US
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WaLaw Realty is owned and operated by Marc Holmes, an attorney as well as a licensed real estate broker. Marc also owns and operates our law firm Holmes Law Group PLLC. When you sign on to work with us, you get the benefit of working with both businesses – that`s our two-in-one magic! From its beginning in 2005, Blackmon Holmes (now Holmes Law Group) focused on helping people buy or sell homes without incurring the costs of a real estate agent. As we handled more and more of these transactions, we realized our clients would definitely benefit from real estate brokerage services too. WaLaw Realty was born soon after. With this model, we`re able to represent you as your lawyers, not just as your agents. This makes a big difference – and we offer expertise and services that conventional real estate agents can`t. As lawyers, we have a legal obligation that real estate agents do not have to adhere to – which means we are always looking out for your best interests.