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Trying to find a therapist is exhausting. If you`ve landed on this page after hours of googling, playing phone tag with therapists, calling your insurance company, and asking friends and family… you can exhale. We`ve got you from here. Life gets hard sometimes. Thoughts race through your head, and sleep has become more difficult. You wonder, “When did it get like this? I`ve always kept it all together.” It happens. All humans experience loss, defeat, and challenges. Yes, even those people on social media who look like they`ve got it all together – they struggle, too! It`s totally okay to need help. Asking for help from a therapist is not admitting defeat. This is the moment you take charge of your life and reclaim your power. Let`s get real. I know you`re a do-it-yourself kind of person. You`ve always been able to pull yourself out of whatever life throws your way. We love that about you. You are still the expert, and we want to help guide you back to the real you. You know what I`m talking about – that version of you that is out there making stuff happen and living large. We know that version of you is in there. We help people that want to feel better but aren`t sure exactly how to get there. We use a no-frills approach and provide you with real, useful strategies that will transform your life and improve your functioning. We will work together to evaluate what`s working and what isn`t. We will develop an individualized plan to get you living your best life. It all begins with a phone call.