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At Brophy & Lenahan P.C., we pride ourselves on being experienced, former “big-firm” attorneys who provide top-caliber legal services to our clients at reasonable rates. We have three main guiding principles when representing our clients. First, we provide expertise in the subject matter of our clients` cases. Second, we dedicate ourselves to working tirelessly to achieve the best possible results for our clients. Third, we pride ourselves on accessibility, which means not only making ourselves easily available to our clients, but also ensuring that our legal services are affordable and our fee structure is flexible. Expertise: Although we are relatively young attorneys, we have years of experience at two of the top law firms in the country. At these law firms, we worked on highly complex legal matters, represented a diverse array of businesses and individuals, and developed significant legal knowledge and litigation skills spanning several different practice areas. This experience gave us not only a wide array of legal expertise, but also the ability to efficiently provide accurate answers to even the most complex of legal issues. Dedication: We are dedicated to achieving the best results possible for our clients` legal matters. We do everything within our power to advocate for our clients` interests, whether it means taking an aggressive posture in litigation or moving a case toward settlement.