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The Kennedy Immigration Firm LLC provides a wide range of employment and family based immigration and nationality services to corporate, business and individual clients. We represent corporate clientele from start-ups to publicly traded companies and are uniquely aware of the services and representation that they require. Our broad clientele is based throughout the United States. Our firm is one of the few in the United States which dedicates a significant portion of its practice to international adoptions and related issues. Immigration is an ever changing legal arena. Our office is cognizant of the requirement to be up to date with new laws and regulations, as well as government processing procedures. We meet this requirement through extensive interaction with government agencies, attendance at immigration meetings and seminars throughout the United States, as well as significant involvement with the American Immigration Lawyers Association. This commitment to the knowledge of current regulations and information enables us to offer our clientele innovative and strategic legal representation. We are familiar with the legal and procedural requirements of all government agencies throughout the nation.